Providence Equestrian Center in Waxhaw, Union County, NC Offers Quality Care and Instruction

Established in 1998, the Providence Equestrian Center in Waxhaw, NC real estate aims to provide the best in care for its horses. The Center also strives for excellence in training and instruction. Highly-qualified equestrians staff the Providence Equestrian Center in Waxhaw and it is owned by a veterinarian horse lover.

The expertise found at The Waxhaw Center makes it a great place to train riders of all levels and abilities. The Providence Equestrian Center serves both children and adults in either group or private lessons. Boarders, academy students, and leasers at The Center regularly show in the Hunters and/or Jumpers category. Competitions include area barn shows, Piedmont Hunter Jumper Association (PHJA) shows, Progressive Show Jumping, Inc (PSEUD), “A” shows, and “AA” shows.

Horses live in the utmost comfort. Their 12×12 stalls are equipped with the “Comfort Mat System”. The StableComfort™ Mat System is an ergonomic, environmentally-friendly system provides wall-to-wall padding. It is also waterproof. The system allows horses to have footing that is cushioned and even. It is used throughout the country at veterinary teaching hospitals. Stables and veterinary teaching hospitals alike choose this system to prevent hock sores and leg fatigue.

Providence Equestrian Center in Waxhaw has a variety of features including irrigated pastures and paddocks. There are also automatic security gates and climate controlled tack rooms that include private lockers. Other features include both an indoor and an outdoor arena and a perimeter trail. Stalls are cleaned in a heated wash and have built-in fans. Horses can relax in indoor and outdoor lounge areas. The Center also has a sound system.

The equestrian center is conveniently located about 17 miles from uptown Charlotte real estate in Waxhaw. There is easy access from Highway 84 and Waxhaw-Indian Trail Road or south of I-485 on Providence Road (south of Weddington).

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How a Charlotte NC Home Becomes a HUD Home

When a Charlotte home that is Federal Housing and Administration (FHA) insured goes into foreclosure, FHA pays the amount owed on the Charlotte home to the lender. FHA then sells the Charlotte home at market value, looking to do so as quickly as possible.  A Housing and Urban Development (HUD) home is one that has been taken back by the bank for a homeowner’s failure to make timely payments.

How HUD Home Sales Work

Like other Charlotte homes, HUD homes are listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listings and, usually, also on the internet.  In most cases, only HUD registered real estate brokers can participate in the sale of these Charlotte homes. Registered Carolina real estate brokers, on behalf of a prospective Charlotte buyer, bid electronically on these homes. The bid that is most acceptable to HUD will win the Charlotte home on a provisional basis. The required deadline for submitting real estate documents must be submitted in order to officially complete the HUD home purchase. One of these real estate documents is a pre-qualification letter or proof of cash in an amount equal to or above the home’s cost.

Why Choose Us?

As registered Charlotte real estate HUD brokers, we can help you find and purchase your Charlotte HUD home. We can guide you through the process every step of the way.  One crucial service we offer is daily monitoring of the market.  Since HUD home offerings change very quickly, this is important for any prospective buyer.

Another service we have available is assistance in finding financing and pre-qualifying for a loan to cover the cost of your home.  Once pre-qualification is secured we can provide market comparables for a HUD Home in the Charlotte, North Carolina Real Estate area.  This will help you in making an offer on the home.

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This past June (2009) my parents, my husband and myself decided to go out to dinner together and we selected the acclaimed Zebra Restaurant for our dining excursion.  Near Homes in Charlotte NC, Zebra Restaurant came highly recommended to us by my sister, Linda Kramer of Myers Park.  Zebra passed the first test quite nicely – which was to seat us quickly and in a booth or banquette to accommodate my, 92 year old, Dad’s needs.  We sat down to soak up the quiet ambiance and comfort of Zebra’s interior and its animal paintings.

However, your eyes will soon drift from the prints on the wall to the print on the extensive wine list that Zebra is known for and indeed, has won awards for.  Let me clarify ‘extensive’ – if you printed the Zebra wine list vertically it is about 3 feet high.  So, indulge yourself for the wine list alone is a grand safari!

The Zebra menu is a French Continental blend of luscious and tempting entrees from the North Carolina Trout Francaise to the Zebra Signature Angel Hair Basket with Beef Tenderloin, Lobster and Shrimp.  The presentations are works of art that taste as fantastic as they look.  Then there is the delicious list of appetizers with no skimping on the Foie Gras!  The salads are just as unique; from the Zebra Signature ‘Vase’ Salad with raspberries and citrus sections to the Organic Beet Salad with Sheep’s Milk Roquefort & Celeriac “Ravioli”.

Then, of course, there are the desserts – 10 fabulous selections – 10 dishes that look so beautiful you won’t want to ruin the presentation… but you will!  Personally, I delighted in the Tart (Lemon Curd with Berries) and my parents and husband chose the Pear Tart with none other than Godiva Ice Cream!  To sum up Zebra Restaurant… it was an excursion, an adventurous safari, of a dining experience.

What I love about Chef/Owner Jim Alexander is that he gives back to the Charlotte community.  Jim Alexander has supported an impressive list of worthwhile causes and charities through Zebra Restaurant and he is the kind of restaurateur that is worth supporting!

Zebra Restaurant & Fine Dining
4521 Sharon Road
Charlotte, NC 28211


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Charlotte NC homes are now experiencing some of what the rest of the Country has been going through for the past 3 years – a glut of short sales and bank owned properties on the market.  This over abundance of inventory and the negative impact short sales and bank owned properties are having on appraisals, are dragging down home prices.

The good news is that Charlotte has escaped the brunt of the down market and I believe Charlotte will come out of this ‘Buyers’ market just about the same time as the rest of the Country.  Why?  The big hit to the Charlotte market were the dire conditions of the banks.  Yes, a few more banks will still go under, but the bulk of that is over and banks are now starting to sort things out and make some headway.  Some have started to pay back TARP Funds and others are streamlining their short sale process and hiring more help!

OK, what does this mean to you?  It is time to buy, of course!  The rest of the country has had 3 years of down turn…but the Charlotte market will have much less.  Therefore, we do not have the luxury of sitting around – the time to take action is NOW!  Buy at the Bottom! Although you may not realize as much money on the sale of your home today, conversely, you will be much better off on the home you purchase.  FOR example: let’s say you want to move up into a better, larger new home.  You sell your current home for $180,000, $10,000 less than you wanted.  However, the new home you want costs $220,000 (down $30,000 from the original price of $250,000).  You made $10,000 less on the sale of your current home, but you also paid $30,000 less for a new home – a net gain of $20,000!  You may not ever have been able to afford a $250,000 home but, because of the Market, you are able to make the most of it and realized your dreams.


The Richards Group at Keller Williams Charlotte Real Estate offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate transactions and homes for sale in the entire Charlotte Metro area. We have the most comprehensive real estate website for your home search and if you are searching for Charlotte homes, townhomes or condos or Rock Hill SC real estate you’ve come to the best place!

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