4 MORE Reasons to Buy Charlotte NC Real Estate Now!

There are a number of reasons to buy real estate in Charlotte NC; some of them may surprise you. Here are some reasons why there is no better time. Charlotte NC realtors agree buyers may never get an opportunity like this again.

1. During the “height” of the home devaluation period, just a few short years ago, a good number of homeowners in and around Charlotte NC decided to stay put and restore their homes to tip top shape rather than buy a more expensive dwelling. They repaired, updated, and improved their homes substantially, with some putting 25% or more of the home’s value into those projects.

2. Other Charlotte NC home owners, after spending a great deal on improving their homes, are now putting their homes on the market. They have succumbed to their urges and pent up emotions, and have decided to take advantage of the incredible deals on available, upscale homes on the market in areas all around Charlotte NC.

3. Home appraisals have become a little more realistic as a result of Fannie Mae’s more accurate valuation demands. Banks have re-examined their procedures somewhat and have begun to make long overdue changes to their ways of doing business. Charlotte NC sellers are now pricing their homes more appropriately, resulting in more offers being accepted by the mortgage companies in much quicker and orderly fashion.

4. Since the crisis, more programs are becoming available to Charlotte NC home buyers. The mass inventory of unsold homes across the country has forced federal and state governments to make buying an easier and more affordable process. First time and low income families are the main benefactors of these programs.

These programs are currently available:

The Workforce Housing Program was established to help middle class working Americans secure low rate mortgages. When combined with today’s near record low mortgage rates, a qualifying citizen can find an incredibly low mortgage rate.

The American Dream Downpayment Initiative (ADDI) enables first time buyers in the low income category to receive a low interest city loan that can be used for a down payment. The income requirements are $44,400 for a single family and $66,450 for a family of four. The amount of the loan can equal 6% of the purchase price, up to a maximum of $10,000. This money is available from the states, the amount determined by the percentage of the nation’s low-income families who reside in that state according to the most recent census data.

The Mortgage Credit Certificate Program is a federal program that reduces the mortgage interest by 15 – 20%. It is available as a tax credit for low and moderate income families. The credit actually allows qualifiers to obtain a larger mortgage then they would qualify for without the credit.

Jumbo Mortgage rates are at temptingly attractive lows. The current jumbo rates are at 5.25% and even lower in some cases. It will certainly be worth your while to speak with a mortgage professional to determine which programs NC has funded. I have mortgage brokers that I work with who will be glad to answer any questions about your jumbo mortgage inquiry.

Times may never be better to get into the buying mode. Call me and I can help you find your Charlotte NC dream home.

Wendy Richards
Charlotte NC/SC Realtor

A Belmont NC home buyer couple, my husband and I stopped by Sammy’s Neighborhood Pub in Belmont NC yesterday for dinner.  We were at the Belmont Fall Festival at the time so we just stopped on by. What a neat unique place in the center of friendly downtown Belmont NC. It has the appearance of an old style pub offering booths, bar-stools and high tables all-around.  Although we did not drink I noticed that the beer selection was plentiful.  There were several televisions playing the top games of the day.  Our service was outstanding – my iced tea never was less than half empty the entire meal.  My Belmont NC home buyer friends ordered the bacon cheese burger and award winning pulled pork sandwich.  My husband and I had BLTs with cole slaw. All was scrumptiously delish!  I highly recommend Sammy’s Neighborhood Pub in Belmont NC!!!!

Looking for a home in Belmont NC?  Give Wendy Richards a call at 704-604-6115 of visit Belmont NC Homes For Sale!

Misty Waters, Belmont NC Homes For Sale in Gaston County

Wendy Richards
Charlotte NC/Belmont NC Realtor

Misty Waters Homes for Salehttp://www.nccharlottehomes.com/artman/publish/carolina-neighborhoods/belmont-nc-homes-for-sale-in-misty-waters.html

Bella Sera Villas, Matthews NC Homes For Sale in Mecklenburg County

Wendy Richards
Charlotte NC/Matthews NC Realtor

Bella Sera Villas for Sale – http://www.nccharlottehomes.com/artman/publish/carolina-neighborhoods/bella-sera-villas-matthews-nc-for-sale.html

Belmont NC Homes For Sale in Gaston County

If you are looking for a great change in your lifestyle and you enjoy the company of civic minded individuals, Belmont NC is the town for you. Situated between the the Catawba and South Fork rivers, the inviting landscape of Gaston County is ideally located. It is close enough to the attractions of Charlotte NC, but far removed from the hustle and bustle inherent with large cities. There is a true feeling of community in Belmont NC home. Families of various interest and income brackets can find attractive, affordable homes in town.

This town is, in fact, a real, working town, its brick lined walks and enchanting shops, restaurants, antique shops, and specialty stores draw attention from neighboring communities. Belmont NC has the charm and ambiance of days gone by. With its fine collection of pre-Civil War architecture and all succeeding eras; it offers a collection of Americana, with samplings of Tudor Revival, Bungalow/ Craftsman, and Colonial Revival styles.

The City of Belmont is alive. There is something here for everyone to enjoy, from whitewater rafting at the U. S. National Whitewater Center on the Catawba River, to the tropical plant collection at the Orchid Conservatory within the 450 acre Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. You can fly a kite at the annual kite competition, or watch the kids play baseball in one of the various youth leagues.

Seniors find that Belmont NC is an outstanding place to put down roots. The area abounds with senior activities. The Senior Hoedown and the Senior Debutant Ball, Older American Day festivities and the Gerald White Memorial Tennis Tournament fill the days with fun and local pride.

All age groups will find an abundance of activities all year long. The Garibaldi Festival in May at the Stowe Park, Concerts in the Park Series, The Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt, The Summer Celebration, and the Halloween Bash, are the major civic events around town. As you can see, people in Belmont, all 10,000 of them, love to be active and have fun.

Come to Belmont NC and see for yourself why it ranks high on my list of favorite spots in metropolitan Charlotte.

Wendy Richards
Charlotte NC Realtor

Belmont NC Homes For Sale – http://www.nccharlottehomes.com/artman/publish/belmont/belmont-nc-homes.html

Belmont Reserve, Belmont NC Homes & Townhomes For Sale in Gaston County

Wendy Richards
Charlotte NC/Belmont NC Realtor

Belmont Reserve Homes for Salehttp://www.nccharlottehomes.com/artman/publish/carolina-neighborhoods/belmont-nc-homes-for-sale-in-belmont-reserve.html

Private Schools in Charlotte NC

With impressive private schools located all around the City of Charlotte, selecting the most appropriate school for you and your child can be challenging.  Eventually, you will need to take into consideration location, reputation, and, of course, tuition.  Create a list of all of the schools that appeal to you, begin to shorten the list and then visit the schools that look like the very best match for you and your child(ren).

The following list of Charlotte NC area private schools is not a comprehensive list, but rather a selection of private schools open to Charlotte NC residents.  Hope it helps!

Wendy Richards
NC/SC Realtor®

Schools Below are Sorted by Zip Code

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Private Schools in Charlotte NC

Charlotte Home Buyers: 3 First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Recent banking and mortgage scandals have forced Charlotte NC lenders to complete due diligence on all individuals who apply for new mortgages. There are steps you can take to avoid making errors in the mortgage process. Time lost correcting these mistakes can have consequences, and may even result in the loss of the Charlotte NC house you were attempting to buy. Don’t miss out. The market can move quickly and the competition for great homes is intense.

Here are three common mistakes to avoid:

Mistake # 1
Your idea of good credit and that of the bank may be quite different. Your credit history will be closely scrutinized not once, but perhaps several times before any decisions are made on your mortgage. Take responsibility for your credit score. Start off by getting copies of your credit report from the three leading credit reporting agencies. They are available at no charge. If you spot errors, report them to the credit agency and to the company that reported erroneously. It is essential that these errors be fixed before you go any further with your mortgage application. The repercussions of not correcting inaccurate information can be quite severe. It could affect the interest rate you will be charged for your mortgage. Worst case scenario: Your mortgage can be denied.

Mistake # 2
Not understanding the difference between pre-qualified and pre-approved can have a negative impact. When a Charlotte NC lender pre-qualifies you, he is simply stating that you have the ability to repay a mortgage loan up to an estimated amount. None of your personal or financial information is validated. When pre-approval is granted, all pertinent facts about your finances are studied. A close look at your total assets, all of your debts and past credit history are all taken into account. Upon passing this phase, the bank will give you written confirmation of your ability to complete a Charlotte NC real estate transaction, which can speed up the buying process.

Mistake # 3
Don’t buy a Charlotte NC house for all the wrong reasons. Because a house is pretty, isn’t reason enough to buy.

Does the space meet your family’s present needs and your future requirements? Is it close to schools, shopping, free-ways? Does it feel right? Does it pass inspection? Will it hold or grow in value over the years? Give these items serious thought before you commit.

I am happy to work with first time buyers in securing their dream homes at a fair price. You can count on me for excellent, dependable service. Check out my Charlotte NC VIP Home Buyer Program!

Happy House Hunting!

Wendy Richards
Charlotte NC/SC Realtor

Selling Your Charlotte NC House: Gain Peace of Mind With a Pre-listing Inspection

Selling your Charlotte NC home quickly can be done with a few preliminary steps. It is essential to have a move-in ready house to put on the market. The majority of contracts for the sale of a home contCharlotte NC Home Inspectionain contingency clauses. Often, wording says something to the effect of “contingent upon passing a home inspection.”

There are several advantages to getting a pre-listing inspection, one of which is that any repairs can be completed ahead of time.

It is important to make sure your Charlotte NC inspector is well-qualified. One indicator of this could be membership in one of the professional associations. Two of these are the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the National Association of certified Home Inspectors (NACHI). In order to get membership in one of these professional associations, Charlotte NC inspectors must go through a rigorous certifying process including training and testing. By doing repairs ahead of time, there is less need for renegotiation because a buyer will not be able to use repairs needed as a reason for offering a lower purchase price. In fact, you may have more offers because your home will most likely show better if there aren’t several things that need to be fixed.

One reason you can list your Charlotte NC house at a higher price is because a certified pre-inspected home has a higher perceived value than one without a certified pre-inspection. The higher asking price is just one advantage to getting an inspection ahead of time. With the inspection comes a report that can be used as an aid in marketing a home.

In addition, you could have a Charlotte NC house priced to reflect a sale as-is. Charlotte NC buyers may be more likely to do so because you have been up-front about any issues. The pre-listing inspection also gives the potential Charlotte NC buyer peace of mind. This is because anything that was listed in the pre-inspection report will not be a surprise as their own inspector goes through the home. The inspection also eliminates headaches for all three parties involved: the seller, the agent and the buyer. The reason it eliminates headaches for these parties is that closing can be done much more quickly since there does not need to be time reserved for resolving issues the buyer’s inspection could find.

A pre-listing inspection serves a Charlotte NC seller well. It helps to identify problems ahead of time in order to fix them as quickly as possible and for as low a price as possible. That means that a home can be listed higher due to a higher perceived value. Additionally, being up-front with potential Charlotte NC buyers can ease negotiations since the list price will reflect what has been found prior to an offer being put on the table. The closing period can also be shortened.

Got questions? Give me a call!

Wendy Richards
Charlotte NC Realtor

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