11th Jun, 2014

Traffic Shift Coming Soon for I-485 in South Charlotte NC


Traffic Shift Coming Soon for I-485 in South Charlotte NC


Construction barrels will continue to dominate a stretch of I-485 in south Charlotte NC, as traffic will be shifted unto the newly constructed lanes. Once the switch has been made, construction crews will move to replace the old pavement until the final phase of the widening project is completed. The initial phase of the project calls for a lane shift fora stretch of the highway between Johnston Rd. and NC-51.

I485 Traffic Construction

According to Brady McKenzie, the spokesman for the NC Highway Department, the lane shift will begin mid June, then move to the portion of the highway between NC 51 and I-77. That will allow the construction crews to complete the resurfacing of the remaining lanes on I-485 and align all the lanes with I-485. The target date for the completion of this project is November or December of 2014.

The opening day coincides with the completion of the Johnston Road flyover which is intended to allow easy access from northbound Johnston Rd. onto the I-485 inner loop. The new design will alleviate the delays drivers currently experience waiting for the light that allows them to make a left turn onto the ramp. Charlotte NC drivers will now be able to use the right lane to get direct access to the ramp.

The 485 project will add two lanes in either direction between I-77 and Rea Rd,, with one of those lanes from both directions leading to the toll lanes. The improvement in traffic flow will help improve air quality in south Mecklenburg. The new toll lanes are expected to be extended into Independence Blvd., as early as 2017.

The project is long overdue, as traffic and congestion in the area has reached critical proportions according to NCDOT. Even so, traffic levels will improve conditions only slightly from a grade of F to D, due to the heavy amount of commuter traffic in this area of south Mecklenburg County.

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