28th May, 2014

Enjoy Life At Its Fullest at Brightmore of South Charlotte

Enjoy Life At Its Fullest at Brightmore of South Charlotte


If you are at that stage in your life where you are facing some delicate, perhaps even difficult decisions about life’s choices, Brightmore of South Charlotte can help you address some of those concerns. There is a better way to enjoy your retirement years. You owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities that living at Brightmore can bring you.

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Brightmore of South Charlotte is not about institutional living. It is instead, an alternative form of gracious independent living that defines elder-life at its best. Within this well planned development, you will find a variety of lifestyle choices that may be well suited for your particular needs. Brightmore of South Charlotte offers retirees like you an opportunity to enjoy a life of ease, free of the tasks and chores that come with home ownership. You’ve worked hard all your life and now it’s your time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Who needs the hassle of maintenance and home repairs, not to mention the multitude of expenses and concerns of running a household? Brightmore provides the perfect setting where you will experience a wonderful new lifestyle, make new friends and keep active. You can look forward to new experiences along the way that will fill your life with pleasure and enjoyment. Oh, in case you are wondering about what will happen to your beloved dog, he is welcome too. After all, he adds to your life’s enjoyment and that’s what we are all about here at Brightmore.

The Brightmore Lifestyle

There are a number of lifestyle options within Brightmore. You can live independently and choose from either a one or two bedroom residential apartment. All apartment include a complete range of services and aids to good living. Our intent is to make things as easy as possible for you so that you can spend your time pursuing the pastimes you enjoy. The units are surrounded by attractive landscaping and are maintained regularly. All utilities are included, except for phone service. Cable and wireless internet are also part of the package. For the safety of our residents, all apartments are equipped with smoke detectors and a sprinkler system. Trash removal and maid service is provided on a weekly schedule including ironing of your flat linens. You will feel safe and secure within the complex.

As you might expect, food plays an important role in the lives of our active, life loving Brightmore residents. Busy people burn their fair share of calories in a typical day. An important part of everyday life and a source of enjoyment for our residents comes from the well panned meals that have been prepared by our experienced master chef. Mealtime gatherings also provide our residents with many social opportunities and a chance to meet other members of our group. Our army of happy retirees travels on their stomachs, so we do our best to keep that army happy and well filled.

We also know that keeping healthy and fit requires some maintenance on your part. To help you work off those extra calories and keep your body fit, our facility has an ongoing Wellness Program, a Life Enhancement Program and an Aquatic Fitness Center. We have skilled personnel on staff that help direct you through the various self-help programs. While enjoying a meal in our dining room is always a pleasure, it’s nice to enjoy a home cooked meal on occasion. Every apartment has a fully equipped kitchen where residents can prepare their own breakfast and snacks if they so choose. Most of our active guests opt for the dining room experience. Who wants to cook when you are on a perpetual vacation?

The Terrace Assisted Living

Assisted Living does not necessarily imply a serious handicap. In simple terms, it means that some of our inhabitants require and certainly appreciate a bit of assistance with their everyday activities. Those issues may include help with nutritional planning and administering medication. It could even be assistance with simple tasks that those with arthritic hands have difficulty with, like tying shoelaces or getting dressed. On occasion, our independent living residents may require physical therapy as part of a rehab program or ongoing nursing care due to injuries, accidents and wound care requirements. If that becomes an issue, arrangements can be made to seamlessly transfer to another Brightmore of South Charlotte care facility on campus. Whatever the level of care you may require, our staff is prepared to deal with those specific needs in a caring and sensitive manner. Remember, it’s all about you here at Brightmore.

The Pavilion Health Center

Some residents may require a higher degree of professional care. That care can be for short term rehabilitation, post surgery or to mend after a fall. Our caring and compassionate staff is experienced in working with the elderly. They work hand in hand to provide the right amount and type of rehab that will allow patients to build up their strength and return to their chosen level of independent living. Should the physical setback be of a more permanent nature, resident will still able to live and interact within the Brightmore complex under our long term nursing care program. They can reside in the comfortable surroundings, interact with the same friends and staff and enjoy most of the amenities available at Brightmore of South Charlotte.


Living here in Brightmore puts you in the middle of everything. We are right near the wonderful Ballantyne neighborhood. With that area as an anchor, Brightmore of South Charlotte can take advantage of the amenities that have sprung up nearby. You and any of your visiting friends and family can entertain yourselves at the many fine shops, spas and golf courses in the area. Some of the best shopping in the South can be found nearby at Ballantyne Village and Stonecrest. Piper Glen, and Blakeney are noted for their assortment of major national retailers. In nearby South Park and Phillips Place you can find a host of unique, independent designer boutiques. Most major big box stores are located here as well. You will be pleased to know that Brightmore provides regularly scheduled transportation to many of the locations noted above.

Why Buy? Lease at Brightmore

Our financial arrangements are unusual for developments designed for retirees. Most try to sell the reals estate. We have all seen the dangers and risks associated with a fluctuating or down real estate market. With Brightmore of South Charlotte, you are not under any obligation to buy. All you need to do is pay a monthly fee. In exchange, we will take care of the rest. You can take advantage of our promise to provide you and your family with a worry free, very inclusive, lifestyle.

Tell Me Again: What Does My Money Buy?

It’s worth reviewing what that monthly fee includes, so there are no surprises. You can look forward to:
Flexible meal plans, on your schedule
Paid Cable, water/sewer and electricity
Scheduled Transportation to and from shopping, doctors and other
Maid service
Extra storage space

Our residents live to enjoy life and have a good time, so our entertainment staff regularly schedules fun outings and other off campus events. After all, it’s all about enjoying the lifestyle here at Brightmore of South Charlotte. There are plays, concerts, ball games and a variety of sporting events happening around Charlotte. We don’t want our residents to miss out on anything.

Of course, we will be responsible for all maintenance and repairs.
You can take advantage of Personal Wellness Plans, our incredible Aquatic and Fitness Center and a number of Life Enhancement Classes.

We Are Here For Your Enjoyment and Pleasure, 24/7

Brightmore of South Charlotte is a vibrant community for individuals who wish to continue to be active, travel, and enjoy life on their terms. Located in the prestigious Ballantyne area of South Charlotte, this rental community combines options and residential choices in Independent Living, Assisted Living, Rehab and Skilled Care, complemented with an array of services

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