4th May, 2014

Ballantyne Area of South Charlotte NC

Ballantyne Area of South Charlotte NC



From its founding in the early part of the 1990s, the Ballantyne Area of South Charlotte NC has grown into a prosperous community of residential, commercial area. Its well balanced mix of living and work opportunities has allowed the area to grow into a desirable, well planned community that continues to appeal to a large segment of the population.

The area that encompasses Ballantyne was once fertile farmland, including the land on which the upscale Ballantyne Golf Club has staked its claim. Where cows once grazed, luxury homes, elegant spas, restaurants, shops and a corporate office park now stand. Many of the executives from the Fortune 500 companies established there have now enjoy living in and around Ballantyne. Residential development is still underway as the area continues its growth.

There is much to appreciate about the community of Ballantyne. Every conceivable amenity is located within easy reach, including an impressive YMCA and a new Movie theater. There is still terrific housing to be had, ranging from affordable to luxurious — plus a good selection of elegant town houses and multi-million dollar mansions on the private gold course that are still available in this viable, upscale town of Ballantyne. Opportunities for all abound in this highly desirable and friendly North Carolina environment.

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