30th Apr, 2014

Tips on Top Marketing Techniques: Using Real Estate Photography to Sell Homes

Tips on Top Marketing Techniques:
Using Real Estate Photography to Sell Homes


A good photo can make the difference between selling a house or having a house languish on the market in Charlotte NC. This knowledge is especially important for real estate agents in a poor housing market. Prospective Charlotte NC buyers will determine whether a house is worth their time based on the pictures. A real estate agent will need to learn some good photography tips for successful home marketing.

wendy richards lake park ncAlthough Wendy Richards uses a professional real estate photographer for her Charlotte NC listings, she provides helpful hints to real estate agents taking their own pictures. Some of those photography tips include shooting in sunlight, avoiding glare, making sure to focus attention on the most attractive rooms in a home, and standing still. Other tips include making sure an agent takes photos in the order they should appear on the home listing and getting a home cleaned up and rearranged to make it more attractive. Be clear with sellers that the home is on sale, not the things inside it.

It is important to take pictures of a home’s exterior on a sunny day. Also, agents should take pictures of any part of the house during the day, but not early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This is because at these times, glare is a problem and will affect the quality of the shot.

Standing still while taking a photo will make it less susceptible to blurriness and dark spots. If a photo comes out dark or blurry it should not be used on a listing. As an agent is taking these photos they should keep in mind the order in which those photos will appear on a website. One does not need to worry about taking too many pictures. The best ones can be selected at a later point.

Sometimes sellers will not have their home arranged in the most photogenic way. In this case, an agent will want to help get the home looking nicer. Agents can do this by suggesting home owners clear off the tops of the counters, fold towels, removing items from the front of the refrigerator, and if necessary, rearranging the furniture.

It is important, however, that Charlotte NC area home owners realize their home is not being criticized. It is also important for them to recognize that the items in their home are not being judged. It is the home itself that they are selling.

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