4th Mar, 2013

Green Living in Charlotte NC: Laminate Floors Get Eco Approval

Green Living in Charlotte NC: Laminate Floors Get Eco Approval


Before you spend your hard earned dollars on a Charlotte NC hardwood floor, you might want to take a closer look at laminate laminate-flooringflooring. You can get the authentic look of virtually any wood grain pattern, in any finish color, without cutting down a single tree. So says the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA). Better yet, you can save a considerable amount of dollars when you use laminated flooring instead of hardwood.

Conservationists stand solidly behind the use of laminate floors. Laminate floors do not require the use of scarce hardwoods, especially the exotic hardwoods found in old-growth tropical rainforests. That means that these old growth trees will never be driven to extinction by lumber barons who extract those rare trees from the forests.

Laminate floors are produced by an entirely different process than actual hardwood. The process involves laminating and fusing together a number of elements. The exact photographic image of a particular tree species provides the flooring with its authentic final look.

As consumers become more aware of the benefits of using laminate instead of actual hardwood, they are contributing towards the sustainability of old-growth forest while providing suitable substitutes for products derived from them. Using “green” materials in a home project is becoming a fashionable and responsible option.

There are additional benefits to consider when using laminate for floors:

The recycled materials used in the manufacture result in a very durable, high density base board. The laminate floor is recyclable. Laminate floors are chemical free. No glues and harsh adhesives are used, No emissions are emitted during the manufacturing process. The product complies with Formaldehyde emission regulations.

The floor content can contribute points to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards for homes and businesses.

Because laminate floors are sturdy and very durable, they can be recycled and reused when and if a homeowner decides to change the appearance of his floor.

The product is a practical solution for your floor. Laminate floors will not only save you money, they can help you save the universe. Go green! Go Laminate!

Green Living in Charlotte NC: Laminate Floors Get Eco Approval by Wendy Richards

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