16th Feb, 2013

Top 10 Charlotte Home Seller Mistakes

Top 10 Charlotte Home Seller Mistakes

top-10-charlotte-home-seller-mistakesDon’t Make These Common Charlotte Home Seller Mistakes

Mistake #1 – Overpricing

Don’t make the mistake many home sellers are guilty of. List your home at its true market value and not at what you think it may be worth. Very often, the first shot you get at prospective buyers is the best shot. Homes are more interesting to buyers when they first hit the market. If the first prospects think your home is overpriced, it may languish in the unsold column for weeks, or often, months. In the meantime, you will be faced with continuing mortgage payments, taxes, maintenance and other expenses essential to keep a home in good selling condition. The bottom line result is that eventually you may be forced to sell your home at a much lower price than the first offers you received and declined. Price it right from the beginning and your chances to sell it improve dramatically.

Mistake #2 – Failing to “Showcase” our home properly

Put your best foot forward. When a prospective buyer sees your home on the web, make sure that the photos you use are current, fresh and properly staged to show your home in its best possible light. Utilize a professional who can take top quality photos and provide shoppers with virtual tours of your home and property. Make sure that the descriptive “write ups” are on target and provide a description that truly peaks the interest of prospects. You don’t want your descriptions and information fouled with misspellings, bad punctuation and poor grammar. Put some sizzle in your articles and create the interest that you need to separate your home from the competition.

Mistake #3 – Showing AS-IS

When selling your home, remember this is not a “garage sale”. You can not sell your most valuable asset in an “as is” state. Get it up to par. Make those repairs you have been putting off. Touch up blemishes, repair hole in plaster and by all means remove the clutter from your home. That includes much of the “stuff” you have accumulated over the years. Empty your basement, garage, closets and your living spaces of non essentials. If your cozy living room is jam packed with recliners, tables, etc., etc., put them in storage. Clean the carpets, wash windows and pick up after your kids and yourself. Don’t leave bikes and toys scattered all over the yard. When you leave for the day, leave your home in a perfectly staged condition so Realtors can bring their clients for a tour any time, knowing your home will look great while you are away. First impressions are the most important ones to a potential buyer.

Mistake #4 – Hard Selling During Showing Appointments

If your Realtor has a viewing scheduled, disappear. Do everyone a favor. Most people browsing your property feel imposed upon by an overzealous owner. They need time to imagine themselves living in your home without you. If you have done your homework and have chosen a true professional Realtor, he or she will have primed the prospect and advised them of the selling points and other positives of living there. Let them do their job. They are the pros. You are not and have too much emotion involvedin the home. Let the buyers feel at home in your home.

Mistake #5 – Attempting to Sell to a Passersby Especially Total Strangers

Becareful about letting passers by and total strangers into your home when you put up the for sale sign. It may be fine if a real estate agent happens to stop by, but even there a professional realtor should call ahead and make an appointment before stopping by. Allow your Realtor to qualify any potential buyers. They are much better qualified to recognize serious buyers from nosy neighbors or strangers. Most unsolicited buyers are usually looking for ideas, or are simply curious about what you have to offer. They often try to use your home as a means of comparing their home’s worth. Still others may be many months away from making a buying decision and are only wasting your time at this phase. When strangers knocks, ask them to call your their Realtor to arrange an appointment for a viewing. If they don’t have a Realtor of their own, ask them to call the number on the “For Sale” sign on your lawn. This is done for a couple of reasons. Your Realtor will give any walk by client the same prompt attention that she would provide for any prospective clients. As Realtors, we are as interested in selling your home as you are.

Mistake #6 – Lack of Understanding of Your Rights & Responsibilities

As a seller, you will be bound by the contract you signed with your Realtor. All North Carolina real estate contracts are legally binding to both parties of the transaction Before you sign any contract or document, it is critical that your professional Real Estate partner explain in intricate detail exactly what the rules and your actual lawful responsibilities are. If you are having difficulty understanding any portion of the agreement have the Realtor go over the matter until you are convinced that you have full grasp of the contract provisions. Know who is responsible for repairs or other issues that may pop up. Don’t be surprisede down the road.

Mistake #7 – Signing a Contract that Leaves You No ‘Out’

Under certain conditions you have the right to terminate your contract with the Realtor. Often, if conditions change or the Realtor has not lived up to his promises or has failed to follow through with essential parts of his contract, you can fire him. It is important that you are aware of that. If for some reason the company refuses to let you out of the contract, or an agent that you feel has shirked his responsibility, you still have recourse. Your recourse can be through your employer or the actual brokerage where the offending agent works. You can select another agent to work with. If these efforts fail, you still may have recourse from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

Mistake #8 – Limited Marketing
Many home sellers think that their Realtor should promote and sell their listing by holding many open houses and placing classified newspaper ads. The fact is that this is not the ways homes are sold in today’s market. In Charlotte, as as in most real estate markets in the country, those sales avenues account for a very small percentage of sales. To be exact, in this state, open houses account for 1 percent of home sales while classified ads account for just under 3 percent.

Those percentages continue to fall each year as more Realtors and clients flock to the Internet for information on their dream homes. With that in mind, it is important that the Realtor you choose have a good internet presence and a easy to use website that anyone doing a home search can use and understand. More importantly, your personal Realtor should have his own dynamic website that is devoted to the exact and relevant needs of his clientele. You can find out by Googling area Realtors, then determining which of them offers the most complete and relative websites. That is where homes are sold in today’s fast paced real estate market.

Mistake #9 – Choosing the Wrong Realtor®

If you are looking for the Realtor that best fills your needs, remember this: Commision rates and other fees cost the same no matter who you select to help you find or sell your home. Doesn’t it make sense to seek out the highest rated, most productive and widely recognized Realtor in the Charlotte Metropolitan market to work with? Why deal with a part time inexperienced Realtor when you can hire a top producing full timer for the same amount of money? These professionals know how to fight the battles. Better yet, they know how to win them. Experience will put more money in your pocket in a shorter period of time.

Mistake #10 – Mistaking Re-finance Appraisals for Market Value

There is often a significant difference between market value and appraised value of your home. During typical real estate transactions, mortgage lenders assign an estimated appraised value to the homes they are hoping to mortgage. Quite often the true market value is lower than actual market value. The well-informed refinacing lenders who want accurate up to date appraisals will consult with the top Realtor in the area to get an up to date and accurate estimate of a home’s true worth. More often than not, The Richards Group & Keller Williams Realty, the leading Charlotte Metro Area Realtors is the go to company for accurate assessments and property value updates.

You too can take advantage of the expertise and excellent reputation of this group. Call the Charlotte area’s power marketing team at The Richards Group & Keller Williams Realty. See for yourself why our company leads the area year after year in successful sales and happy customers. Call us today at 704) 604-6115. You will not be disappointed.

Top 10 Charlotte Home Seller Mistakes

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