23rd Dec, 2011

Five Charlotte NC Home Buyer Tips To Improve Your Negotiating Power

Five Charlotte NC Home Buyer Tips To Improve Your Negotiating Power

Q. What can be difficult and quite easy at the same time?

A. Buying a home in Charlotte NC.

“How can that be?’” you ask.

The difficult part comes in because of the large number of homes a buyer must peruse to find homes best suited for his needs and the difficulties of dealing with mortg age companies once an appropriate unit is found. The easy part is that there are many homes, all available at lower than ever prices. There is more to the market than meets the eye, but a good realtor can help guide you through the process.

Here are 5 steps that can simplify your path to home ownership in Charlotte.

1. Don’t wait to list your home. List it before you begin your quest.

You can find better deals and get better concessions from sellers if you are ready to close and have cash or a commitment in hand for a quick sale. If a seller knows that the process can be done in a minimal amount of time he may be more than willing to grant extra considerations in price, closing costs or other matters.

2. Mortgage pre-approval gives you some leverage power with the seller, and it also indicates what your limits are as far as what homes you can afford. Mortgage companies are behind with their mortgage processing and demand much more information than in the past, so it pays to get it done.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you find a home with minor issues like paint colors you don’t like or paint that doesn’t suit your fancy, don’t let these issues stand in the way of the sale. If you persist in making small things a condition of the sale, you may turn the seller off.

4. Have the home inspected by a professional licensed inspector who can discover structural and mechanical issues that need repair or are not functioning as they should. This can include furnaces, air conditioners, appliances, water heaters and more. Roofs and basements should be inspected for leaks and septic systems should be in proper working order. You don’t want any surprises after you move in, and a complete inspection should disclose any such issue. At that point, the seller can choose to remedy the situation or you can move on.

5. Look to your realtor for advice on the dollar amount and terms of your offer. Realtors know the limits of a good versus an insulting offer. Be respectful of the seller and his property. A trustworthy realtor can get your offer close to the home’s true market worth.

Count on your realtor to deal with the situation in good faith and with your interest at heart. Her income depends on her performance and your satisfaction. The realtor will do her best to get you the very best price and terms possible. What are you waiting for? Let’s get the process going. This is the best time to buy a home in Charlotte.

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Thanks again,

Wendy Richards, Broker/Realtor NC SC

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