28th Oct, 2011

The “Big Six” Charlotte NC Home Selling Factors

The “Big Six” Charlotte Home Selling Factors

Selling your home requires that YOU, The MARKET, and the REALTOR® come to an agreement on how the process will work.  The following are the “Big Six” factors that come into play.

You Are In The Driver’s Seat. These 3 Steps Are Your Responsibility.

1. Price – The price you specify must be in line with the realities of the Housing Market.  Emotion should be set aside, and your home should be priced competitively

.  If not, buyers will move on to other properties.  A Realtor has market comps and experience to help you put a price on your home that will produce results.

2. Terms – If you can demonstrate to the buyer that you are willing to work with him on some of his requirements, you can come to agreements and compromises that will benefit both of you.  A little give and take often results in price and terms that are acceptable to both parties.  Be prepared to give in to the small things in order to complete the big deal.

3. Condition – The condition of your house can have a major impact on the sale.  Most buyers prefer to move into a home with no repair issues to deal with.  A well maintained home will attract serious buyers much faster than a home with issues.

The Market Controls These Steps:

4. Timing – Homes sell at a much slower pace in times of economic uncertainty.  Home shoppers are scarce during inclement weather cycles and during holiday seasons.  Don’t expect much traffic during Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter holidays.

5. Competition – If the market is flooded with homes, it may take time for the market to adjust.  Buyers take their time to sort through these homes even though the process is often difficult to work with.

Your Realtor is Responsible For:

6. Promotion – Your Realtor will put your home in the Multiple Listing System to ensure your home gets full exposure to every Realtor.  The agent may also promote your property on the internet (which is huge!) or in local newspapers.  Promotion gets Charlotte NC home buyers to visit your home for a showing!


As you can see, there are a number of elements that must come together smoothly and seamlessly to successfully market your home.  The Realtor’s duties don’t end with the signing of the listing documents.  Other responsibilities include providing you with feedback from prospective buyers and changes in market conditions that may affect your home’s sale.  Consider making adjustments if the Realtor’s® recommendations suggest that doing so would be in your best interest.

Please contact Wendy Richards, Realtor® with any questions you may have.  I look forward to the opportunity of helping you sell your home!  🙂

Wendy Richards
Charlotte NC Realtor®

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