16th Oct, 2011

Online Home Valuations – Are They Accurate?

Online Home Valuations – Are They Accurate?

There are a number of online sources where you might attempt to obtain an accurate market value for your Charlotte NC home. However, before you put too much faith in these services, you might consider the following questions Charlotte NC realtors are often asked.

Q.  Why does the amount you think you can sell my Charlotte NC house for differ from the price the online broker provided me?

A.  Those valuations are computer generated and based on comparative values of homes sold in your neighborhood. Computers also input the square footage along with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Only straight facts and public records are used.

When a realtor visits your Charlotte NC home, she takes into account intangibles computers can’t possibly consider.  Our professional realtor considers your home’s curb appeal, condition, renovations and custom appointments that have an impact on your home’s value and appeal.  As far as the computer is concerned, your well kept, beautifully updated home is worth the same as a similar home down the street that has not had any updating or improvements.

Q.  Are there any situations when an online realtor is accurate in their appraisal?

A.  There is a possibility that my valuation and that of the online service may come in relatively close if your home is one of many in a neighborhood that were built according to the same specifications and are virtually identical to each other.  If a few homes like yours were sold at comparable prices, there is a reasonable chance that your home will fall in the same price category.  That would apply to homes that are not being foreclosed on or being sold as short sales or for a newer home with no recorded improvements or additions.

Online price estimates can give you an approximation of what your home is worth, but won’t give you the full benefit of the experience and knowledge a realtor brings to the table.  A realtor is involved, hands on with people in your neighborhood and other close by communities.  She has the pulse of the market to guide her and help you with honest numbers.  Beware of unscrupulous agents who give you a high estimated value for your home only to get the listing.

Our reputation in the community is our only real asset.  We would never endanger our standing with the people within the area by giving inaccurate information.  We can give you a free home analysis of your home’s true market value.  You can list your home at any price, but sell it only at the right price!

Give me a call when you are ready to market your Charlotte NC area home!

Wendy Richards
Charlotte NC/SC Realtor

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