2nd Oct, 2011

Selling Your Charlotte NC House: Gain Peace of Mind With a Pre-listing Inspection

Selling Your Charlotte NC House: Gain Peace of Mind With a Pre-listing Inspection

Selling your Charlotte NC home quickly can be done with a few preliminary steps. It is essential to have a move-in ready house to put on the market. The majority of contracts for the sale of a home contCharlotte NC Home Inspectionain contingency clauses. Often, wording says something to the effect of “contingent upon passing a home inspection.”

There are several advantages to getting a pre-listing inspection, one of which is that any repairs can be completed ahead of time.

It is important to make sure your Charlotte NC inspector is well-qualified. One indicator of this could be membership in one of the professional associations. Two of these are the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the National Association of certified Home Inspectors (NACHI). In order to get membership in one of these professional associations, Charlotte NC inspectors must go through a rigorous certifying process including training and testing. By doing repairs ahead of time, there is less need for renegotiation because a buyer will not be able to use repairs needed as a reason for offering a lower purchase price. In fact, you may have more offers because your home will most likely show better if there aren’t several things that need to be fixed.

One reason you can list your Charlotte NC house at a higher price is because a certified pre-inspected home has a higher perceived value than one without a certified pre-inspection. The higher asking price is just one advantage to getting an inspection ahead of time. With the inspection comes a report that can be used as an aid in marketing a home.

In addition, you could have a Charlotte NC house priced to reflect a sale as-is. Charlotte NC buyers may be more likely to do so because you have been up-front about any issues. The pre-listing inspection also gives the potential Charlotte NC buyer peace of mind. This is because anything that was listed in the pre-inspection report will not be a surprise as their own inspector goes through the home. The inspection also eliminates headaches for all three parties involved: the seller, the agent and the buyer. The reason it eliminates headaches for these parties is that closing can be done much more quickly since there does not need to be time reserved for resolving issues the buyer’s inspection could find.

A pre-listing inspection serves a Charlotte NC seller well. It helps to identify problems ahead of time in order to fix them as quickly as possible and for as low a price as possible. That means that a home can be listed higher due to a higher perceived value. Additionally, being up-front with potential Charlotte NC buyers can ease negotiations since the list price will reflect what has been found prior to an offer being put on the table. The closing period can also be shortened.

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Wendy Richards
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