30th Sep, 2011

Charlotte NC Home Sellers – Tips For Making A Great First Impression

Charlotte NC Home Sellers – Tips For Making A Great First Impression

The real estate market is tough, but you can improve your chances of getting a quick sale if you take a few easy steps to give your home, that “I-WANNA-BUY-U” look.

First impressions are incredibly important for Charlotte NC home buyers and sellers too! A few easy, common sense steps can put your Charlotte NC house at the top of a prospective buyer’s wish list. Any seasoned Charlotte realtor will tell you that no matter how impressive your interior is, buyers will drive right past you if their first impression is negative.

Here are 5 tips that will make your home more appealing to drive-by potential Charlotte NC home buyers.

1. Make you lot look clean and attractive. Take a close, hard objective look at your home. Imagine that you are the buyer; take notice of anything that might be objectionable. Your home should not look like a heavy traffic playground. Think of the fresh look your home had when you bought it, before it turned into a teen aged playground and hangout spot. Stow the bikes and hockey nets.

2. You can stage the exterior as well as the inside of your home. Try to develop a neutral, uncluttered look, free of ornamentation. Tastes vary, so don’t assume that your gargoyles are a selling point. Take them to your new home. Replace dead or dying flowers with fresh seasonal annuals, and spread fresh mulch in the beds.

3. Make your front entry inviting. Make sure your windows sparkle. A coat of paint in a contrasting designer color and modern hardware can give you entrance doors a charming, inviting look. Add a brass kick plate and make sure your screen doors are not tattered. Does your entrance-way say “welcome?”

4. For effect, especially on dark dreary days, or when days get shorter in the fall, turn on your out door lights. Your home will glow in the reflected warm light, and take on an even more welcome appearance.

5. Take another look at your home’s exterior. Are the shutters in need of a fresh look? Perhaps accenting them with the same color you used on your entrance door will provide a great, new appearance. Is the paint peeling or fading in conspicuous places? Does that cute white picket fence look like rotting driftwood? How about the mailbox? Are you still using the old log cabin box that grandpa made for you 20 years ago? These issues are all easily corrected, and can make the difference between a thumbs up or a thumbs down verdict from a buyer.

There are always more little tricks and steps that can help make your Charlotte NC home more appealing. We would love to hear your ideas.

Wendy Richards, Charlotte NC Realtor

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