9th Oct, 2010

4 Tips for Charlotte NC Home Sellers

4 Tips for Charlotte NC Home Sellers

There’s a dilemma in today’s Charlotte NC housing market: Charlotte NC home sellers want to assign a higher value to their Charlotte NC homes than their market-wise real estate professional might recommend, and Charlotte NC home buyers take the opposite view; believing the home pricing is too high.

Today’s market atmosphere makes home sales and purchasing a challenge. There is a complete disconnect between owner and buyer. Successful marketing of homes, to prevent endless languishing on the marketplace, means carefully setting and balancing the price. Among things to consider when pricing are:

— A seller should check the number of homes for sale in their neighborhood. The greater the amount, the better it is to list at the lower end of the price scale. A seller wants the question of why the home is priced so competitively to lead to an offer.

— Consider short sales and foreclosures when pricing. Area homes in this category may be abandoned and in deteriorating condition and may not be an issue. Homes which are in good condition, however, and priced 25 per cent or more below market value can be a serious factor affecting pricing.

— Make quicker, more decisive decisions when an offer is made. Buyers today are not in the mood for the back-and-forth plodding negotiations of two or three years ago. They are now more disciplined and less emotional. If things don’t move quickly in their favor, they will walk away.

— Cut the price when it becomes an obvious move. When no potential buyers call or show up for an open house, and there are no offers, face it, the price is too high. It is time to consider a meaningful price cut.

Wendy Richards
Charlotte NC REALTORĀ®

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