7th Oct, 2010

Before You Buy a Charlotte NC Home – Be Sure to Get a Home Inspection

Before You Buy a Charlotte NC Home – Be Sure to Get a Home Inspection

When purchasing a Charlotte NC home, it is vital to have a home inspection. A qualified Charlotte NC real estate agent will be sure to remind a Charlotte CO buyer of the importance of a home inspection. When the Charlotte NC buyer is ready to put an offer in on a Charlotte house, town home or condo or other property, it is a good idea to put a contingency clause in the contract allowing a buyer to back out if the home fails inspection.

There are several components to a Charlotte, NC home inspection. It is generally a good idea to be present at the home inspection; though this is not required.

An inspector will check that all appliances are in working order including those acquired through the contract or other negotiation with the seller. Another crucial part of the inspection is the duct work and heating and cooling systems. This will include heating systems, ducts, any fireplaces, and any air conditioner units. An inspector will also check the electrical panels, wires, and other parts of the electrical system. Some examples are the circuit breakers, outlets lights, and the central electrical panel.

A home must be sturdily constructed. For this reason, even new construction needs to be inspected. A Charlotte, NC home inspector will check the structure of the home. The areas of inspection for structure quality are the foundation, wall construction, entrances, floors, and roof. If there are any pressing concerns, the inspector may recommend getting a structural engineer out to take a look at the property.

Another important aspect of the inspector’s job is to check the exterior parts of the property like the driveway. One thing the inspector must determine here is whether cracks in the driveway are normal wear and tear or whether they are structural. Other exterior features the inspector will examine are landscaping, outdoor electrical outlets, and trim. The inspector must also check the quality of the roof and attic. An inspector will look at the roof covering, the gutters, the vents, and the roof flashing.

There is still more work to be done inside the home, however. The inspector still needs to determine the quality of the plumbing and the quality of the home’s windows. The plumbing check will include things like both interior and exterior faucets, sinks, showers, and toilets. Inspectors are not responsible for checking the sewer system. Windows will be checked for any broken seals, rotten wood in the trims and sills, cracked glass as evidenced by hazing on the windows, and whether the windows open and close with ease.

A home inspection is vitally important. This is especially true if one will be borrowing money from a lender. It is even more crucial if one is using an FHA or VA loan. Most importantly, it is extremely important to the buyer’s peace of mind and pocketbook. Each Charlotte, NC home inspector works a little bit differently so be sure to check what the local inspector covers.  We can help you with this!  🙂

Wendy Richards
Charlotte NC REALTOR®


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