21st Sep, 2010

Walk Your Way Through Flight History at the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte NC

Walk Your Way Through Flight History at the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte NC

Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte NCCharlotte NC real estate is quite the cultural center with its many museums and other activities. One thing that made North Carolina famous is its flight history which is embodied in the Carolinas Aviation Museum. North Carolina was home to the first successful flight in Kitty Hawk thanks to the Wright Brothers. One can walk back through time while exploring aviation history at the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte NC.

The once solo Piedmont Airlines was acquired by U.S. Air in 1993. U.S. Air itself has undergone a name change and is now known as U.S. Airways. One can see the now defunct DC-3, which was instrumental in making air travel affordable and was the main aircraft used commercially from the 1930s through the 1950s, and other Piedmont Airlines collectibles. Some of those collectibles include airport signs, uniforms, and dishes. Other featured airlines here are Allegheny Airlines, Mohawk Airlines, and America West.

Now in a new location near the Charlotte-Douglas airport, the Carolinas Aviation Museum is open from Monday through Thursday with hours from 10-4. It is also open from 10-5 every Saturday. Admission to the museum begins at $7 for students and military personnel with identification and goes up to $11 for adults. The charge for seniors is $9. Children 5 and under are FREE!

Carolinas Aviation Museum
4672 First Flight Drive
Charlotte NC 28208-5770
704 359-8442

Spread your wings and fly on over for a visit!

Wendy Richards, REALTOR

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